Before you begin to adjust the coin mechanism familiarise yourself with the 5 screws and which components they loosen in the picture below and your coin mechanism, slight variations may occur.

There is a labelled coin reject bar on the front, which should be pushed if the coin gets stuck.The area highlighted pink is the coin reject slot and the area highlighted green is the coin accepted slot.

A side on view of the coin mechanism with parts labelled.

Make sure you have some of the coins/tokens you want to accept and that the coin mechanism is upright and secured to free up your hands.

If your token is magnetic you must remove the magnet, this is done by removing a screw(yellow) on the rear and pushing the magnet out, if you token is non-magnetic please leave the magnet in as it stops coin sized washers

The rear of the coin mechanism with the magnet circled.

To begin loosen and raise the bars A and C then tighten them up again, also tighten the two screws and loosen the two nuts near bar B. This should reject all coins.

Hold the coin just in the coin entry slot and then lower bar A to be just above the coin, it should be rejected and larger coins will not go in. Tighten the screw again to ensure bar A will not move.

A close up view of bar A.

In this step while tightening the screws the nuts must also be loosened so they remain in contact with the coin mechanism and visa versa, if the screws are loosened the nuts must be tightened.

A coin put through now should fall down past bar B, if this is not the case tighten the two circled screws below.

Loosen the two screws by a small amount, then test, repeat until the coin is not rejected and is caught by the rear hanger (blue).

A Labelled view of bar B with rear hanger and screws showen.

Move the bar labelled C down a small amount and then test, repeat until the coin passes through easily and is not caught by the rear hanger.

Bar C, it's screws and how it moves.

Test with the rest of the coins and repeat any steps necessary to ensure easy and reliable use. Finally test with other coins make sure they are rejected.

These instructions and others are available in .pdf and paper form please contact us if you would like a copy.